Thanks to a certain Mr Bailly (Matt, not Bill) I just stumpbled upon this piece of insightful investigative journalism.

In a nutshell it professes that I’m in the running for the new Dragons Den hot seat recently vacated by James Caan.


I’m honoured to be considered, I really am, but I think I’m going to have to decline for a number of reasons:

1) I’m skint. Could be a bit of a stumbling block…

2) People might struggle to understand my accent I forgot about Bannatyne

3) I only own black socks. Jones would not be happy

4) I’m too shy! Cubs honour

5) Looking at the video my eyebrows are waaaayyyyyy too bushy! Man - I think I need a back, sack, crack and eyebrow!

So, after giving it a great deal of consideration, I’m going to remove myself from the running and step aside to let a true Internet Entrepreneur (and a thoroughly nice fella) Mr Mark Pearson become the next dragon.